"Swimco was so helpful in the design process. It's refreshing to find a company that was so willing to work with me and understand my needs. They built a pool I love."


Kathy M,
Clarence Center, New York



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Standing the Test of Time


For over 38 years Swimco Pools has been installing inground swimming pools throughout the Western New York area. In all of our pool construction, we use top quality panels which carry a Lifetime guarantee. These panels are embedded into concrete and secured with our exclusive bracing system. Depending on ground conditions, our braces are spaced every 3 to 5 feet and then more concrete is added to each brace. Our reputation for superior construction and service have provided our customers with a product which they consistently recommend to their friends.

All plumbing in the Swimco Pools installation is hung under the 6" top ledge of the pool. This is very important to the construction because it eliminates ground weight and provides the best winterizing procedure, we guarantee it! The concrete floor in Swimco Pools ensures a finished product you will be proud to own. It starts with precise earth and stone removal. The entire bottom is trawled to exact specs. Because each pool is a custom built pool, your liner is ordered specifically for you! Any color, any depth, any shape. These 27 mil virgin vinyl liners are custom made when you order your pool.

Basic Pools Include...

• Installation with owners on site
• Grading and dirt removal
• Exclusive STAKE-LOK™ Rivetless/Weldless steel or The Elite Pool's structural polymer wall panels
• Galvanized steel "X" bracing or The Reliance Deck Support System (Patent No. 4,781,000) for polymer walls
• 27 Mil print liner, choice of color & pattern
• Aluminum powder coated coping (The strongest in the industry)
• Heavy 8' walk-in stairs, concrete reinforced, with handrail
• 3' concete walkway around entire pool, with wire mesh on a complete stone backfill
• Certified concrete bottom mixed in our own truck. Concrete footer & foundation around entire pool.
• Schedule 40 flexible plumbing with individual lines, this insures no joints between wall fittings and equipment
• 100% Hayward Filtration system, with two bottom drains & wide-mouth skimmer
• Stainless steel in-pool ladder and custom Solar Cover
• Vacuum, leaf net, brush, pole, test kit, and starter chemicals
• First year winterizing

Why Choose an Inground Vinyl Liner?

The vinyl liner pool industry has advanced significantly in just a few years. Improvements such as polymer walls; thicker, more tear-resistant liners; and better pool design have allowed vinyl liner pools to be built in the same ways as gunite pools and for a lot less money. Built in features like bench seating, sun decks and even negative edge or infinity pools are all possible with a vinyl liner. A pool owner has many available choices when it comes to liner colors and styles. Installation time is also shorter with a vinyl liner pool.

The cost of ownership of a vinyl liner pool is less than that of a gunite pool. Gunite pools require more time and upkeep because of their material. Unlike gunite, the vinyl liner surface does not alter the waters' chemical balance, so substantially fewer chemicals are needed which means lower chemical costs. In the case of an overhaul, a vinyl liner is much less to replace than the cost of resurfacing a gunite pool.

Swimco News

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